What to Sketch, What to Sketch….at Thistledown Farm


First we had to check it all out – Barb Shirk and Jan found the donkey & pony first, then Erik discovered the donkey.



IMG_3522     IMG_3492


Ooooo, grasses, and flowers, and poppies going to seed…


OK – down to work: Jan, Tricia, Erik, Barbs Shirk & Sommers.

IMG_3494     IMG_3498


Erik quickly has a sketch of Jan, and Barb Sh. begins the donkey.

IMG_3500    IMG_3499


Tricia dives into the flowers, and Jan captures the top of the building.

IMG_3524    IMG_3511


Tricia with her completed page, and here’s Jan’s – how charming!



Jan admires Erik’s sketch of her (soon to be her profile pic!).

IMG_3506    IMG_3515

Remember the donkey?  Here’s how Barb Sh’s sketch evolved.

IMG_3518    IMG_3519

Erik starts a new flower sketch, while Barb Aten (across the table) and Jane (sketch above) take on the challenge of the figs.

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