Flowers, Food, Folks and Foreign Lands

Vero Espresso House, Eugene, OR

allHere’s nearly all who were there in the sunny courtyard from the left around: Satoko, Joby, Sandy, Tricia, Barb Sh, Erik, & Joby’s Jim.

Joby-share-1      Joby-share-2Satoko takes a look at Joby’s sketchbook from her recent travels.

Joby-share-3      Joby-share-penIn addition to her expressive sketches of people, Joby showed us her newest favorite sketching pen – from Czechoslovakia!

BarbSh-1      BarbSh-2At the other end of the table, Barb Sh spied a pot of flowers.

Jane-lilies    Jane-lilies-3   Jane-lilies-2Here are the lilies Jane saw, her hasty sketch, and a cleaned version.

Erik-lily-1   Erik-lily-2   Erik-jimErik sketched lilies, too, then shared a snack & chat with Jim (who regaled us with stories of his bike accidents! No more, Jim.)

Sandy-1    Sandy-2Sandy started out with a lily, too, then on to Erik’s apple pie – yum.

BarbSo-1        BarbSo-2Barb So stopped by for a few moments, and shared her latest sketch.

Tricia-1    Tricia-2Tricia had to take the low chair, and it’s good she typically sketches in her lap! Here’s her view across the courtyard at Vero.

Satoko-1    Satoko-2Satoko got in some sketch time, too – a pen & ink view of Barb Sh and the people on the deck behind her.