Ten Year Celebration for Top Drawers!

Eugene, OR

Ten years ago there was a sketch trip to Italy with Ken O’Connell:

the Crew

When we came back to Eugene, we formed Top Drawers, and have been meeting every Tuesday morning to sketch together ever since.

TEN YEARS! That calls for a party! We invited the original group plus new friends who have joined us over the years – celebrate!

group-1   group-2


Ken-Cathy   BarbA-Ken

BarbSH-Nancy     Joby-Lynn

T-BarbSN-T     T-Satoko-T

            Jane                       Lynn-J


cake-2      cake-3      cake-4

Nancy-Joby     Nancy-Ken-Lynn

posterFrom our first group art show at Full City Coffee/Palace Bakery.

3 thoughts on “Ten Year Celebration for Top Drawers!”

  1. I would really like to join your group. I have a great interest in architectural drawing and have started botanical sketching. I am uncertain and only marginally skillful but have been trying to / working on sketching for many, many years.

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