These Cats Got Treed! Mostly.

Barry’s Deli, Eugene, OR

allHere’s the herd of cats: Barb So, Jan, Ken, Sandy, Sharon, Barb Sh, Erik, & Penny. Jane (aka, the cat herder) behind camera, Tricia – late!

BarbSh-Jan   BarbSh-1We started out by catching each other up to date – here Barb Sh shows Jan her sketches from a recent trip to Albuquerque.

Jan-1     Jan-2Then Jan showed her thumbnail sketch that lead to a ceramic piece.

Ken-1    Trish-1Ken couldn’t resist adding more color to the sketch he did last week of Erik. Tricia opened her sketchbook to a memory of red peppers.

Sharon-1    Sharon-2    Sharon-3But Sharon topped it all – her last sketch was from the last time the TDs were here at Barry’s! But look at how the sketch developed.

Erik-1      Erik-2A look over Erik’s shoulder saw a scene emerge from his memory.Erik-3   Erik-4   Erik-5It looked good in color, but then came the black! It was night, he said, and then the drama unfolded. Wow, what an exciting rendition!

BarbSh-2    BarbSh-3   BarbSh-4Barb Sh showed us a thumbnail she made for a future sketch, but went back to finish one she’d started – images within an image – nice.

Sandy-1    Sandy-2    Sandy-3Sandy’s eye was caught by trees & the people at nearby tables.

Penny-1            Penny-2Penny started sketching Sharon at the end of the table (who just wouldn’t hold still!), ending with loose watercolor tree sketch.

Jan-4        Jan-5It’s always so interesting to watch how Jan’s sketches develop.

Ken-2     Ken-3     Ken-4And here’s Ken at work, bringing color & depth to his tree sketch.

Jane-1     Jane-2    Trish-2Jane, who claims not to understand collage, did a page of collected images. Then she wanted to see what Tricia was up to – don’t look!

Trish-3       Trish-4OK – here’s Tricia’s finished sketch from Mt. Rainier, and her quick sketch from today at Barry’s, too. Another tree!  Trees rule. Mostly.

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