Sketching what’s in and what’s out

Barry’s Deli, Eugene, OR

Our meetings often start with catching up…

pre-Barb-1      pre-Barb-2      pre-SandyBarb Sh’s sketchbook included a “perhaps finished” David Helphand concert at the masoleum, as well as the courtroom of a recently observed trial. Sandy added her backyard ceramic tree & stone fountain to the sketch of the fellow she did last week.

Erik-1     Erik-2Erik was a good example of how yes, you can appreciate the fine pastries at Barry’s and still turn out a stunning masterpiece.

box-Jane          box-PennyJane resisted immediate gratification (surprise!) by sketching her magic bar first. Fast. Penny got to sketch the empty container (and don’t you like the loose watercolor of a flower she did previously?).

box-Sandy-1       box-Sandy-2Sandy got a different angle on the box, with untouched treat.

Ken-2       Ken-3Ken started sketching the trees outside, then some studies of Jane.

Jane-tools-Penny      Jane-toolsPenny did a sketch of Jane, too, along with her tools, which Jane was busy sketching, too (here with the actual mini-palette on display).

Barb-1      Barb-2Barb Sh told Jane now she needed a hand reaching with brush into the palette, and proceeded to demonstrate hand sketching. Nice!

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