Catching Up and Sketching On

Full City Coffee, Eugene, OR

allWhat did we do before the days of technology! We’d planned to meet at a new coffee-tea shop, but turns out it doesn’t open until 11:00! Since we meet at 9:30, we texted folks & went over to Full City – here’s Barb A, Hugh, Tricia, Barb Sh, and Penelope.

barbsh-1         barbsh-2Barb Sh caught us up on her extension tour after LaRomita with Ken, showing quick sketches done while the tour guide droned on.

barbsh-jane   todi-janepierreThen we compared sketches of the same place done by different sketchers – the Basilica in Assisi (Jane, & Barb Sh), and the Duomo in Todi (Jane, & Pierre van Rysselberghe – welcome to the group!)

hugh-pierre      hugh-janeHere’s Pierre next to Hugh, and here’s how Hugh’s sketch of the place developed (along with Jane’s start of her chocolate croissant).

p-1-barba     barba-1Penelope came with her sketchbook from Sicily, and Barb A was busy sketching a donkey from the same trip. Delightful!

p-2       p-3Here are some examples of the sketchbook Penelope put together. The rings allow her to add half pages. And look at the tiny vignettes!

tricia-1    tricia-2    tricia-3Tricia had sketches from the recent mushroom festival, and referring to her photos, filled in the rest of the page. Yummy!

barbsh-4           p-4And lest you think that all they did was talk, here’s the sketching evidence for Barb Sh & Penelope. Sketch on!

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