A Newcomer’s View of What We Do

Perugino, Eugene, OR

all-1Judith Musick is a newcomer to our group, and wondered what we do and how we do it – here Barb Sh starts showing her, while Hugh and Barb So discuss our upcoming sketch show, Jan. ’17 at EAC.

barbsh-judith     barbsh-peopleBarb Sh shows her how her sketch pages grow organically. Then here’s her response to Judith’s query, “do you ever draw people?”

p-1    p-2And speaking of drawing people, here’s Penelope drawing Satoko.

sat-1    sat-2    sat-3And here’s Satoko taking up the challenge to draw Penelope!

jane-1    jane-2Jane demonstrated the ever popular sketch topics of what you’re eating, & what photos you’ve taken (note: her guy has been eating.)

judith-1     judith-2Meanwhile, Judith takes on 2 honored topics: tools & each other.

hugh-1      hugh-2Hugh’s been a good model for Judith, while he sketches a scene he caught on some paving stones, complete with autumn leaves.

barba-1-hugh    barba-2Barb A came by to show us how she’s been finishing up her sketches from Sicily – should she add color to the window or not???

judith-3        p-mapDoes anyone ever draw maps, Judith wondered, looking at a wall poster. Maps! Penelope is the queen of map making in sketchbooks!


And then Satoko topped off the meeting by showing her PowerPoint presentation of the Italy sketch trip in Sept. 2016.  Let’s go again!

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