How do you sketch that?

Perugino, Eugene, OR

all-1      all-2From one end of the table to the other: Heidi, Ken, Jan, Hugh, Erik; Judith, Jan, Hugh, Barb So, Patti. But it was kind of musical chairs!

heidi-1    heidi-2   heidi-3Heidi started out the sketching query – she had done a sketch of her grandson, but now wondered how to do it white on black, which Ken was eager to demonstrate, and Heidi eager to try techniques.

e-1    e-2    e-3Erik was back with us after recuperating from a detached retina. A bubble was put in his eye to push the retina back in  place so it could be laser stitched, & the bubble will take awhile to dissipate – here’s what it looks like when he looks through it, he said. Wow.

jan-1    jan-2    jan-3Jan started sketching wine bottles and Jane loaned her the use of her Qor watercolors to see how they’d work – nice bright colors!

hugh-1        hugh-2Hugh is red-green color blind, and was asked how he knows what colors to use where. People tell him what colors things are, and his tools are all labeled accordingly. Clever guy!

patti-judith      pattiAt the foot of the table, Judith was asking Heidi & Patti for sketching advice, and here’s Patti showing how to sketch a container.

p-1        p-2Penelope came in with Thanksgiving day sketches, said she realized she hadn’t sketched food in awhile, and got to work on biscotti!

jane-1          jane-2Jane was intrigued with the decorations at Perugino, and her sketch went clear across the page fold! Here it is with watercolor added.

penguin-bso       penguin-hughBarb So. and Hugh were looking at a decoration at the other end of the table, & here are their versions. Yes, it’s a penguin there!

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