Missing Jane at the Hideaway

photo 3

Our group met at the Hideaway Bakery today.  We were few but we had a lot of fun.  Everyone missed you, Jane, but we all hope you’re having a great time in Italy!

photo 4

Sandy was drawing the kids in the sandbox and the customer at the next table.

photo 7

Jan was attracted by the clientele as well.  And the Chairs.

photo 5

Again, Erik was off on a tangent.  What IS that, anyway?

photo 6

Nice drawing, Hugh! These chairs were, indeed rather interesting.

2 thoughts on “Missing Jane at the Hideaway”

  1. Wonderful sketches, wonderful report! Having a hot time in Rome, not much sketching yet, but you are a beacon of sketching inspiration! I’ll be thinking of you, for sure!

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