What Fascinates Us Enough to Sketch…

Meridian Building, Café Yumm, Eugene, OR

       This was a new venue for us, and we liked the quiet &  bright light. Around the table were: Hugh, BarbSh, Kaili & her grandfather Pierre, Judith, Barb So, Erik, Bev, and Jane behind the camera.

     Arriving early, Hugh shared the sketch he did from Jane’s photo of him hanging Erik’s show, as well as a sticker by an unknown artist.

      Erik tried out a new to him Faber Castell wax crayon made for kids – he said it was smooth, but low in pigment. Cool case. So he was easily diverted by a photo of an ancient jug – wonderful sketch, Erik!

        Then Hugh got down to business, sketching a hidden away scene from France – and look at the magic with use of the waterbrush!

       Bev started out sketching in her lap, then moved on to the table top where she picked out things that intrigued her as she looked about.

        Barb So saw things from a slightly different angle, and here’s her charming sketch selected from the window display.

    Barb Sh is never at a loss for something to sketch – give her a hand!

      Pierre finished a sketch of a cafe chair he’d started (what a challenge with all those curves!), then the window view caught his eye.

     Kaili chose a family artifact to sketch, and did a great job. She enjoys sketching with her grandfather as much as he does with her.

Here’s a sample of Kaili’s usual art work – lovely depth and shape.

    Judith started out with a cheerful little fluffy bluebird, then moved on to doing a sketch of her hotess’ house intended for a gift.

   Jane sketched some hellebore from her garden (from photos), did a little color, then abandoned that to sketch the logo from Café Yumm.