Hanging Out At Hideaway

Hideaway Bakery, Eugene, OR

And here we (mostly) all are, taking advantage of the cozy inside room. From the left, Penny, Hugh, Sandy, Barb Sh, Lealan, and across the room near the fireplace are Ken, Erik, & Bev.

      Hugh, Mr. Diligent, tackles a reverse color outline, and still manages to get the color of the sunset glowing on the paper!

      Sandy, sitting across from Lealan, begins a series of portraits.

      Lealan showed us her finished sketch from 5th St. Market, a woods scene, and then went on to sketch Hugh & Sandy across from her!

        Penny was aghast at water soluble ink all over her hand & blobbing the page. But look at how she (& the sketch) recovered. Nicely done.

     Barb Sh. typically begins her sketches with water soluble ink, & uses it throughout the sketch – look how Pegasus emerges!

   Buddies Erik & Ken frequently sketch together, but what’s that Ken is using to fill out tree foliage? A multi-colored pencil! Wow.

     Looks like Erik has taken up abstract art…no…wait a minute! That’s the  Rocca (fortress) in Assisi from Ken’s postcard beside him!

    Jane got caught up in sketching the end of the room, then tried her hand at a portrait of Helga sitting across from her. Oh well.

              Helga explained how she was trying to refine her perspective, sketching the beams in the room, & Hugh amused Penny with his sketch from the view  inside of a plane.

     Bev got exasperated when her portrait model had the gall to leave, so she resorted to sketching herself in reflected in the mirror.

       Barb A and Sandy bookmark the mirror view. Barb says she came to see the book of memories about Anne, our dear sketch friend,  that Jane put together (shown on the table with Erik, Ken, & Bev).

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