Jolly Time at Jiffy

Jiffy, Eugene, Oregon

    Looked who showed up at the new venue! Hugh, Ken, Tricia, Barb Sh, & Erik, then Penny, Hugh, & Ken (deja vu all over again).

   But who’s that beyond Erik? Danita Reynolds, new to our group, having fun, too. Glad you found us.

    While it is true that we talk and laugh a lot, we do sketch, too!

Sketch, Ken, sketch! (admiringly witnessed by Tricia, Barb Sh, & Erik)

   Sandy (mostly having been behind the camera), Hugh, & Ken. And here’s a sample of what Sandy’s been doing in her black paper book.

One thought on “Jolly Time at Jiffy”

  1. You folks look like you are retired and need jobs or as we used to say ” cut your hair and get a job” in the 1960s
    Retirement hangs well on you all and wish we were there to share the laughs XO Rog n Sharon

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