Sketching at the Rose Garden – yes, Again!

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

  Back and front views of the early birds in the garden: Sharon, Renee Nelson (so good to see you!), and Barbara So.

      Erik, Renee, Patti, and in the next shot: Patti, Sharon, Helga.

   What a lovely setting! Patti, Erik, Helga, Barb So, and Sharon. Then Satoko stopped by with her friend Keiko fro Japan, much to the pleasure of Erik & Patti. And Jane, too, of course.

     And speaking of Jane, here she is, and here’s what she’s sketching – the white roses hanging from the arbor over the table.

      Look at how Patti’s value study evolves – first a light sketch, then adding darks. Ken would say, “Go darker!” and she does! Then white.

        Erik’s sketch is a lesson in layers – look at that sketch build!

     It’s always interesting to see how sketches evolve – here is Barb So.

     Look at Sharon’s sketch come to vibrant life – lovely!

    Helga joined us, too, and Barb So chats with Lealan (who was fascinated with the mowing patterns in the lawn!).

       We lost track of Heather – she was over by the famous old Tartarian Cherry tree – love her impressionistic version of the view!

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