They’re Baaaack!

– New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR.


Barb Shirk, Ken, Jane, Sue Ashton (from the LaRomita trip 2014), Tricia, and Erik were the first to show up (with Amy behind the camera).

IMG_4760    IMG_4752

And here’s Amy, doing an impressionistic wash for her sketch, while Ken tries to tempt everyone with the French Toast (which Erik recommended), taking a break from sketching the leaf bouquet.

IMG_4755   IMG_4754

Hugh started a loose sketch of the leaves, too, and Erik worked on an image he had in his mental files (“As usual,” he says).

IMG_4766   Erik's setup

Penelope grins while Barb Shirk sketches a lizard from a photo taken in Italy, and Jane sketches Erik’s set up across the table.

IMG_4759   IMG_4764

Tricia and Sue get acquainted, while Sue demonstrates her famous lap sketching technique on the vase of leaves on the table.


Tricia says she’s trying to get looser in her sketching! (although we agreed we like her detail work, too).

IMG_4763   IMG_4772

Meanwhile, Hugh is sketching outside with brush pens, and Sandy shows Ken her sketch of people in the courtyard.

IMG_4771   IMG_4770

Penelope says, “I was, too, sketching!” And here’s her sketch of her shoe to prove it.