When is enough enough?

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

Heidi posed the question, “When is enough enough?”  and we all chimed in with our ideas and examples, and kept changing our minds.


Penelope started – here’s the sketch of her sandal from last week, now “enough” with shadows, contrast, and journal notes. Ta dah!


Jane began her ink sketch of a seed pod Heidi brought. Then she added color & announced she was “done.” Except that she needed to do a little values contrast & color work…oh, and some notes…

IMG_4797     Seed pods



Sandy & Erik dove right in – Sandy with an ink sketch of the berried bough, Erik with an initial pencil outline of a scene from the UO campus he saw yesterday with his brother.


IMG_4799   IMG_4804

As Sandy’s ink sketch developed, she added an oak boll.  Now she’s wondering if it needs color…watercolor? colored pencils? Stay tuned.


Erik’s pencil outline begins to take definition – ink next? color?


Barb Shirk sketched the oak boll, too – first an outline in brown ink, then more detail, and finally a shadow and commentary, below.

IMG_4798     IMG_4814


IMG_4791     IMG_4801

Heidi & Jo pondered their initial sketches – Heidi’s a soft colored pencil sketch of mint gone to seed, Jo’s the mystery seed pod.


But then they got side tracked asking Hugh for advice, gladly given.

IMG_4796      IMG_4812

Heidi tried adding some ink detail definition, then color background.

IMG_4800      IMG_4805

Hugh added color and contrast to his sketch of the table corner.

IMG_4809   IMG_4811

Barb A began her sketch with a bit of watercolor onto her light pencil sketch, then continued to drop color adding depth and life.


And when Heidi shared the autumn leaf she had done on vacation, we all agreed it was “enough.”  And then some!