Finding Food for Thoughtful Sketching

Food Court, Valley River Center, Eugene, OR

   Hugh, Erik, Sandy; Daisy, Lona, Daisy’s sister-in-law. Erik had to leave early, and the sister-in-law was a resistant sketcher. Too bad.

     Barb So with her sketch from her home; Jane’s sketch where she is deciding whether to include the cup container or not…

Penny, Hugh, Marsha, Sandy, & Barb Sh, all hard at work!

      Marsha works at capturing the elusive shape of the sculpture, and Sandy sketches one the “models” at a nearby table.

       Daisy uses a bunch of us for models in a fun lively sketch.

    Lona gets literal in sketching whatever is in front of her!

        Penny refers to a photo on her iPhone, first a flower, then a bird – and oh, look at that heron take on life!

       But Barb Sh is still off reliving her latest trip adventure. Wow.