Color in the Courtyard

New Day Bakery Courtyard, Eugene, OR

    Here’s how the group started out – Sandy & Hugh; Jane’s sketchbook, Barb So, Ellen Gabehart, Lona, Barb Sh, and Penny.

And here’s how the group ended: Barb Sh, Bev, Sandy, Hugh, Ken, Ellen, and Lona (Jane behind the camera). Lealan came later.

     Barb Sh & Lona shared their finished sketches from last week – Barb put the country name as they use it on top of their flags.

          Sandy sketched the old tree trunk, and here’s how it turned out.

       Hugh did a different tree next to an umbrella (& doesn’t it glow!).

      Ken chose that tree, too, but with a different approach – go darker!

       Barb Sh was eager to show Ken her finished page (see above), as well as her two page flip animation. Then she sketched a toy she brought.

    Penny got a lot of her sketch done before she had to leave, and here are her bright models.

         Bev sketched the marigolds, too, and didn’t they turn out great!

     Lona’s sketch was a mystery outline until she added color – oh! the wonderful artist’s bags, of course!

          Barb So & Ellen chat – Barb started with an umbrella-table sketch, then ended with those vibrant morning glories.

       Ellen’s a real people-person, so she included people under the umbrella, paying attention to texture in the background – nice!

       Jane did the table-umbrella, and added some flowers. Then both she and Bev were charmed by a dog sitting across the way patiently waiting for bits of his owner’s scone. And see, there’s Lealan!