There’s Always Something to Sketch Around Us!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

    We love the tables in the window – Hugh, Sandy, Barb Sh, Daisy, Katie, Erik, Bev, Penny & Hugh again (with Jane behind the camera).

        Hugh was busy sketching the whole time! First the outside structure, then the memory of a neighbor’s tree, and the last page!

        Jane said she bought the fruit Danish purely for modeling purposes (but it also gave her an incentive to finish the sketch!).

      Sandy did the same with a great looking Bear Claw.

        Barb Sh found elegance in the mundane, as she added cafe chairs to her existing sketch. Look how they came to life with color!

        Daisy took the conversation about Urban Sketchers to heart and started sketching the heating vent above us – wow.

          Katie had a colorful page to show us, then went on to add a sketch from outside the window and started adding color there, too. Nice.

          Bev had pre-stamped her page, added the corn, and then the little toy Erik brought. “It’s not a squid! It’s an octopus,” he said. Oh.

              And on closer examination…Erik’s sketch starts to emerge, too.

     Penny started by finishing a sketch from home, then couldn’t resist the octopus, too, and the fascinating reflection on the table.

But wait, there are more! Satoko, Tricia, and Penelope (in constant movement) commandeered a table for sketching, too.

        Penelope brought her sketches from the forest fire in Central Oregon (the black was from burnt wood in her yard), then set to.

        Tricia caught us up on past sketches (including the twisty glass jar from Perugino), and then began an autumn watercolor sketch.

          Satoko showed Barb Sh photos of her Tuscany workshop site (next fall), then started sketching nearby people at the tables.

Then Barb Sh wowed us with the design she created to show off postage stamps that were just too interesting to throw away.

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