Lots of Things Going on with this Group!

16 Tons Café, Eugene, OR

    You have to keep your eye on the musical chairs! Left: Barb So, Penny, Bev, Marsha; right: Daisy, Barb So, Helga, Bev, Marsha.

       And in this corner, Lona and Erik, soon joined by Satoko!

      Barb So doesn’t need a musical chair game to keep moving – here’s a persimmon done at home, a quick tree and a person  sketch, too!

      Bev is on a roll with preparing her pages ahead of time with stamped patterns, and then look how she incorporates them in the sketch.

     Marsha does an inked line drawing and then does she ever get into color! Who needs three hands when you have so many fingers.

     Daisy was fascinating with the paintings on the wall at the café, and imagined one of them on her coffee cup!

            Helga zeroed in on one of the paintings (see middle photo), too, then let whimsy take over the rest of her sketch. What fun.

        Lona used a photograph as inspiration for her signature style – so vivid and full of life.

     Erik (remember him in the corner?) was kept busy doing color value studies.

      Satoko said, “This is what you do when you make a mistake (in ink).” What used to be the beginning of a person, becomes a structure!

         And meanwhile, Jane was playing with two different water soluble ink pens. Bev tried the Elegant Writer – yes, it’s juicy!