Drawing from many sources

Allan Bros. Beanery, 5th St., Eugene, Oregon

What a great turnout! Marsha, Katie, Ken, Erik, Hugh, Sandy, Penny, Barb Sh. So many came we had to add an upper floor annex: Bev, Barb So, & Lealan (with Jane behind the camera, of course). 

       The stuffed bear on a metal rack caught the attention of Bev & Jane (above), as well as Barb So. & Penny. That bear was so loveable!    

Barb Sh. came with a “map” of a recent trip, and proceeded to continue filling in her colorful response to the events.    

    Hugh took on the challenge of sketching some beauty berries encased in ice on his black paper – those wax crayons do it!

   Hugh started in on a sunflower after that, while his wife Sandy took on one of her favorite subject, another bird – the best twitter.

      Erik continued to build on a sketch he started last time – wowza!

     Like Erik, Ken doesn’t need to see an object to draw what’s in his mind’s eye. I suspect that tree will continue to evolve – check back!

      Katie started out with a page of calligraphied words capturing memories of a Thanksgiving outing, then a lighthouse sketch came.

      Marsha was determined to get to know her Inktense watercolor pencils, and started laying out a grid, then water brush, and on.

    Lona used the page she prepared last week to do a study of people, following tips from a book she brought along. Very effective.

       Meanwhile, Bev sketches the group from her viewpoint in the upper “annex” platform.

       Lealan recounted how fascinated she was with the crows in the bare branched trees that she saw on her walk – look how they came alive!

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