It’s All in How You See It

Mes Amis Cafe, Eugene, OR

It was the day after Christmas, but 11 of us showed up anyway to sketch at this delightful little coffee shop: Daisy, Bev, Lona, BarbS, Erik, Marsha, Ken, Hugh, Sandy, (Jane with camera, Lealan later).

        Daisy was sitting directly across from this charming snowman display, but she wasn’t the only one to sketch it!

        Bev saw it at nearly the same angle, but she added some designs of her own and went on to sketch what was outside the south window.

   And speaking of windows, here’s Erik’s beginning sketch of a window in his mind’s eye. More to come with this one!

     Lona was preoccupied with sketching a favorite cup from a photo, but did it with her signature colorful background.

          Barb So had her back to the snowman display, so she sketch what was in front of her – a lovely little bouquet, and Bev’s cookie!

    Daisy’s friend Lynda came to see what we did when we got together, and was intrigued by the different sketching styles, including Hugh’s.

     Hugh seems to be enjoying the contrast of sketching on black paper, as well as on white with his markers & vibrant wax crayons.

       Marsha is really immersing herself in color, doing a study where she utilized a quilting pattern for background texture, and color chart.

               Jane was at the end of the table, and this is the angle she saw of the snowman display, with all the detail she just couldn’t omit.

      Sandy was seated further around the end of the table, and this was her perspective on the snowman display.

    Lealan sat next to Hugh, so her chosen sketch view was of the condos out the north windows – love that color block & line sketch.

      Then Sandy started sketching a painting on the wall – what a cutie! We really enjoyed being here, and look forward to coming back.

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