Chasing the Blues Away

Chase Café and Bistro, Eugene, OR.

The day started out overcast with sprinkles, and we started out at a new-to-us place: Chase Café & Bistro, off Martin Luther King Blvd. Nice atmosphere with murals of Italy (is that the Florence Duomo?), wonderful smells of pastries and quiches, good coffee. They were very welcoming.


The usual suspects: Barb Shirk, Tricia Clark-McDowell, Erik Johnson, Heidi Sachet above, and below Sandy Larkin, Barbara Aten, and a newcomer, Mike Maszk.




Barb Shirk was working on a lizard last week, started wondering what kind of background to put down, then thought about copying & resizing all the rubbings she did around Italy…the partial page on the left lifts off, and here you have it:


And of course there must be an identifying map for the rubbings!


Sandy asked what kind of drawing Mike does, and clever guy, he had samples of his wonderful bird sketches on his iPhone!

IMG_4876   IMG_4881

Erik brought some fruit to draw, and did they ever turn out well!

IMG_4870   IMG_4893

Heidi did some tweaking before she took on the challenge of a glass vase, and Barb Shirk continued sketching a fountain from Italy.

IMG_4871   IMG_4892

Tricia was adding some color to a quick sketch she started last week, but by the end of our time together a whole story of events evolved!

IMG_4891   IMG_4897

Heidi was mesmerized by the shell she brought, but was able to get quite a bit of color and depth to her colored pencil sketch.

IMG_4877    IMG_4886

Several of us took on the gourds that Heidi brought – here you see Jane’s ink sketch, followed by some watercolor.


Mike’s gourds started out innocently enough, but quickly devolved into Halloween fantasies! (See below)



Sandy and Barb Aten did the gourds, too.

IMG_4898    IMG_4899

Above left is Barb’s done in watercolor, then Sandy’s in watercolor pencil. So interesting to see the different effects between media.


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