A Whole Lot of Sketching Going On!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

   Lynda, Katie, Penny & Barb So behind her, Erik, Hugh, Sandy, Marsha (& Jane). Marnie, Bev, Helga, Barb Sh.  Lealan came in a bit later.

Barb Sh caught us up on her recently finalized sketch pages.

      Katie was finishing up some pages in her sketchbook – lovely!

        Jane didn’t stop with one little sketch for once, but inspired by some of the other sketchers, she completed a whole page!

       Barb So sketched her muffin, while Penny added color to her bird.

       Lynda chose a city scape; Lealan chose an inside scape.

        Here you can see Erik’s technique of using layers of color to build up a landscape. Then he was on to a new sketch – check back to see this.

     Hugh did a record time sketch of his Danish so he could eat it, then moved on to his current favorite – wax crayons on black – so vivid!

      Marsha likes using colored pencil on a paper with some tooth, because it allows her to do a build up of color. Nicely done.

        Marnie was intrigued by an industrial photo, doing a line sketch first.

        Bev’s eye was caught by the display of colorful clothing, then she went on to work on the view Lealan did above.

    Helga was adding a lichen covered tree to her sketchbook.

Meanwhile, Barb Sh was sketching  yard art on a fence from a photo.

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