Five Alive!

Vero Coffee Shop, Eugene, Oregon

There were only five of us able to gather to sketch together today, but were were a lively bunch anyway!  Some started out with unresolved tasks, while the others found new challenges.

IMG_4922     IMG_4921

Barbara Shirk was busy selecting her three images to submit to the Watershed Gallery sketchbook show slated for December, and Heidi was committed to putting her shell in a watery sandy background.

IMG_4918    IMG_4925

Jane was tickled with the tiny Thanksgiving centerpiece she brought for inspiration – love that turkey’s attitude.

IMG_4919    IMG_4920

Tricia and Sandy started sketching the same tree out the window from slightly different viewpoints.

IMG_4929    IMG_4930

Then they start adding some color and definition…

IMG_4939    IMG_4940

Ta dah! Tricia adds her usual whimsical commentary, and Sandy is delighted with those mossy limbs with contrasting leaves.

IMG_4937    IMG_4941

Meanwhile, Barbara and Heidi began sketching Heidi’s gourds.

IMG_4938    IMG_4923

Here’s how far Barbara’s sketch developed, and here’s Jane’s finished Thanksgiving centerpiece.  We were busy, indeed!