A Rosy Glow in Our Outside Sketching!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR



The sun through the red umbrellas really does a trip!

      Erik’s completed sketch, and Marsha’s intermediate outline (oh those angles and perspective – where’s Satoko?).

      Daisy and Marnie both chose to sketch nearby clothing on display.

Bev (our overachiever) got in a two page spread of clothes – wow!

         Ken’s work really was blue ink on white paper, portrait studies.

        Laura was frustrated with her umbrella, and Ken offered to show her some tips. Look for dark & light contrasts – see how it turned out!

     Jane was working on negative space with water soluble ink (ack!), and Lona was applying her signature bold colors to a simple design.

      Lealan’s marker pens made the most of the colorful courtyard!

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