Hot Sketching in the Cool Shade

5th St. Market, lower courtyard, Eugene, OR

     We were clustered around in the lower courtyard, staying in shade while sketching things mostly in the sun. Nice combination!

        Barb Sh was across the courtyard under shade, tackling the fountain sculpture of “Swifty,” a tribute to chicken packing done here.

      Daisy dutifully sketched her breakfast treats before moving on to the rooster, and then flower baskets on overhead railings.

      Laura got up close and personal with the fountain pool before moving on to the flower baskets, too. (Nice to sit near the splash.)

      Helga was looking at the fountain pool from a more distant view, and did a terrific job with all that perspective challenge – way to go!

        Katie said, “I just got started!” to the photographer – but that’s how we show people the way a sketch develops. “Well, ok,” she said.

        Bev began with  pencil sketch, then on to watercolor, and more details from the courtyard (& puffy comforter for the kitten stamp).

        Erik thought he had a “T” terrific strategy for doing bricks – hmm. Then he was back out of his mind (so to speak) sketching a memory.

      Penny did a quick sketch of Laura across the courtyard, then a loose seaside sketch in watercolor followed by inked in lines for definition.

      Marsha took on the rooster sculpture from a different angle, then “Anyone sketched strawberries lately?” No, but eaten them!

           Jane had a simple sketch of her berry Danish & iced tea, then things kept appearing reflected on her page, colored with Lealan’s markers!

        And here’s how Lealan uses her markers – first a light blue outline sketch, then color layers and more layers. What a great effect!