Pausing Prior to Holiday Frenzy

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR.

1   2

Erik chats with Heidi’s husband, Paul, and then Penelope pops in.

3    4Sandy is excited to show a photo of her new great-grandson, then Barbara Sommers, Heidi, Barbara Shirk & Erik get started.

5     6

Here’s what Heidi has been doing lately!

7     8

Penelope’s progress, and Barbara Sommers’ (a yarn challenge!).

9     10

WHAT are you drawing with, Barb?! Barbara Shirk discovered the Pininfarina, a tool that oxidizes paper!  Cool, except it doesn’t erase.

11     12

Erik started with his usual Crayon d’Arche tools, then resorted to borrowing Penelope’s watercolor to get just the “right” green – Sap!

13     14

Sandy sketches what’s in front of her (what restraint) – ta dah!

15     16

Heidi sketches a pot outside, and Penelope her own palette.

17     18

Jane picked up some new ornaments – OMG.  Got better with color.

19     20

Barbara Sommers and Barbara Aten tried their hands at them, too.