Another Sunny Sketching Day in the Shade

5th St. Market, downstairs courtyard, Eugene, OR

Marnie, Lealan, Bev, Erik, Marsha, Helga, Daisy, Barb Sh, Penny & Laura – what a nice gathering of sketchers on this warm day!


    Here’s Bev’s geraniums, and Erik’s coast painting – both wonderful!

          Penny sketched the edge of the pool and the plantings beyond, while Marnie went for the baskets and railings just above that spot.

        Barb Shirk did a monochromatic sketch of that scene, too, while Helga and Daisy did unique  multi-colored sketches.

        It’s always so interesting to see what different artists include or exclude – here’s Helga’s sketch, and then Daisy’s “goes for a walk with a line” ala Paul Klee and starting a painting on top of that!