Sharing Sketches in the Shade

Vero Coffee House, Eugene, OR

Here most of us are with our sketch guru, Ken, in the middle of us all.

         Ken, bless him, makes the rounds giving sketching encouragement. He sees what Barb So has done, as well as visits with Rita and Carol.

      Serge has done lovely detailed work, but wants to be looser, so Ken shares Rita’s travel sketches with him – loose and very evocative.

             Penny gets in on the conversation, and then began sketching the coffeehouse doorway in the tiniest sketchbook! Very sweet.

            Rita was interested in the use of paper fold-outs that Barb Sh had done in her sketchbooks, then Barb began her sketch from a photo.

         Here’s what Barb So did last week at home, and what she worked on today – those vivid colors are a departure for her, but well deserved.

      Laura had completed her sketch from last week, did a light colored under sketch and then added color to her sketch from today.

      Bev says that color wash strips and pre-stamped pages have become part of her signature “look” in her sketchbooks these days – nice!

      Helga got lots of support for her sketches, yes, even simple ones.

      When not taking photos, Jane seemed to be simply into a collection of what she saw, all part of the Vero Coffee House ambiance.

      Lealan’s sketch of Laura began with a light blue outline, then she layered colors and shades of Tombow markers for this rich portrait.

          Rita shared some travel sketching trips – want a straight line? use a ruler. Want to add color? use water soluble pencil and a wet finger!

       Carol had a previous page done, so she added a lovely wash to the next page and started sketching what was around her.

        Danita started with a pencil sketch, added ink, and the watercolor to a delightful sketch of the bench and planters across from her.