You Can Hardly See the People for the Trees.

RiverView Café, RiverBend, Springfield, OR

Here we are, back appreciating the big windows at the hospital cafe.     

        Lona, sitting across the room, didn’t need the window light because she had a photo to refer to – this is going to be a fun painting!

        Daisy, sitting next to Lona, finished her colored pencil chart, then sketched some of the sketch group! Recognize anyone?

        Helga (not in the sketch above) did the lamp outside, then gradually added the context of the autumn maple leaves, and the firs beyond.

        Jude (the blonde on the right in the sketch) was trying out her new Pentalic metallic colored pencils, finding patterns in the photo.

           Barb Sh was next (see Daisy across the room?) continuing her saga of adventures in her sketchbook. She’s a great sketchy traveler!

           Jane (between Jude & Barb) continued her lamp drawings from last week, then a chair (in pencil first!), and the bouquet on a table.

          Jim (next to Jane) sketched from a magazine photo.  “Been doing this long?” Out came the business cards – “Oh, a few years.”  Wow.

        Penny M (last in Daisy’s sketch) was sketching Helga at the table end, then one of the lights before doing watercolor. Lovely sketch.

          Erik (at the other end of the table) really captured the vivid experience of raking leaves, knowing there’s more yet to come!

        Satoko loosened up with a sketch of the trunk of the tree outside, began a sketch of Penny, and looked at Hugh’s sketches. Busy, busy!

        Hugh sketched the trees, too, & used a water brush on the crayons in the carrier he made (so clever). His completed prior sketch is great!

        Helga discovered Lealan in the corner sketching the trees outside. She also showed us her completed sketch from Friday – zowie!