What You See Is What You Get with this group!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

   From the head of the table: Ken, Sandy, Barb So, Serge, Bev, Hugh, Erik; Liz, Marsha, Daisy, Jim. (Jane behind the camera.)

      Sandy brought the iris, and didn’t she do a sweet job sketching it!

   Ken had a good time sketching the iris, too, using water soluble colored pencils and a water brush, rather than his usual brushpen.

     Barb So had already done some sketching of her iris at home, but she enjoyed adding this delicate sketch to her book, too.

       Serge has such an eye for detail, and knows just what to add to increase the dimensionality of his sketch – can you see the changes?

           Bev let her sketches of Ken and of Jane be part of the background context, while the flowers took center stage with color – sweet!

          Hugh sketched the iris, too from yet another viewpoint. Then he couldn’t resist using a brushpen to sketch a guy with a “man bun.”

      Jane thought Erik was sketching in two different frames. “No, it’s a tree trunk,” he said – then made it a tree trunk separated in frames!

    Liz was interested in the food mart sign with accompanying paper lanterns. This will be fun to bring color to it, with bright red lanterns.

     Daisy was into the signs, too. First a graphite pencil outline, then ink, then colored pencils. Nice work, Daisy!

         Jane’s version of sign capture used the little square frames. The last frame is taken from a photo from downstairs in black & white.

      Jim uses his sketchbook somewhat like Barb Sh does – it’s an ongoing story of where he’s been, what he sees, and the pages turn on & on.

          Meanwhile, Marsha was doing a visual record of Jim at work – great!