Things are rosy for the sketch group

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

We were all over the place – Jim & Bill together near the Tartarian cherry tree, with Liz nearby; Erik & Marsha confabbing about sketching; Daisy & Lona breathing in the roses; the rest everywhere!

            Bill, out of the house from recent illness, gloried in the sun while Jim refined his sketch and caught up on travel adventures.

           Barb Sh shared her design for a Goth wedding card, complete with gargoyles. Then a smaller version became part of her sketch today.

    Penny checked in with Liz, who was really intent on sketching that tree. What a fabulous day in the sunshine.

     Marsha, Erik & Ellen wander around looking for sketch sites, then Erik settles on the huge old cherry tree, too.

   Ellen found a fascinating enormous leaf to sketch, backed by a tree and accented by foxglove. How delightful.

      Marsha chose sketching in the shade, and had a poppy sketch from home to share before she tackled sketching a rose. Elegantly done!

      Daisy & Lona were surrounded by roses. Here’s Daisy’s loose watercolor sketch added to one she had done at home. Lovely.

      Lona started sketching a nearby bench set in the flowers, with a Van Gogh approach she said – love that yellow border, too!

      Tricia joined the gals, and did a splashy impression of the garden in front of her, then added text to fill out the experience. Nice.

      Meanwhile, Bev discovered poppies growing near the gazebo. What a lively sketch of them! Then she had to sketch roses, too, of course.


Laura started with one version for the poppies, then turned the page and did a new one for a different approach. Do it again, and again!


Penny got caught up in sketching the poppies, too, then took shade on the bench near Katie. Look at those roses beyond them!

      Katie is having fun playing fast & loose with her frames template – now let’s see, if I combine these spaces…and out of the frame…

       Jane tried playing with the frames, too, but rather than combine some, she had images breaking the frames, inside/outside.

    And here’s Lealan walking with Barb Sh. She may have come late after taking care of remodeling tasks, but there’s promise there!


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