Plenty to Sketch at Perugino’s

Perugino’s, Eugene, OR

BarbSH-NatFood    BarbSo-homeAs usual, we catch up on work done since last week.  Left is the finished orange & more by Barbara Shirk, the iris by Barb Sommers.

BarbSh&HeidiThen it’s down to work – Barbara Sommers & Heidi Sachet.

Erik-start     Erik-nextErik starts with a favorite sketch topic: FOOD – and he’s found the perfect balance between sketching and eating the subject!

BarbSo-start-1     BarbS0-startBarbara Shirk is very intent…on the guy from the Perugino logo!

BarbSh-start     BarbSh-lastBarbara Shirk is capturing him, too, incorporating him into her page.

Heidi-start     Heidi-nextSandy looks on as Heidi begins her pencil sketch, then refines it.

Sandy-start     Sandy-doneSandy boldly starts with a wash, ending with a splashy flower sketch.

Tricia-start       Tricia-doneTrish begins with a tea canister, and the page develops from there.

Jane-view       Jane's start       Jane's lastJane’s eye was caught by a wall display, and here’s how it ended up.

Yes, we found plenty to sketch at Perugino’s (and plenty of good coffee and pastries, too!).

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