Seeking Sketching Sanctuary

Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

     Here’s the house, and here’s the garden gate…

And here are a lot of us, including Avery, Katie’s granddaughter!

      Marcia, Katie, and Tricia, all lined up. And here’s Tricia’s sketch of her garden, so lush and full of color (including color to come, she says).

      Katie had a pre-stamped image on her page, thought it would be a great background, and proceed to paint right over it. Yes!

   Avery has sketched with us (& her grandma) before, so she dove right in, sketching an arbor and the plants around it. Challenging!

      Marcia focused her attention on the little shelters in the garden, and got a lot of detail into her sketches, including color. Sweet.

      Bitty started by putting a sky wash down on her paper, then added the cabin & nearby plants, ending with the towering trees behind.

      Nobody does detail like Jim! He just kept adding details, refining them, and taking Ken’s advice “go darker!” Super job.

     Jane was trying toned (grey) paper, so different from her usual. She started with ink, added colored pencil, white gel pen, & brush pen.

       Lealan & Laura spent time chatting to catch up with one another, then Lealan disappeared into the tree – wow! Look at the light!

       Laura thoroughly enjoyed sketching the variety of flowers at the Sanctuary, especially the unusual foxglove. What a wonderful time.

Here’s the sum of our efforts – nice variety of subject and treatment.
Then we had a potluck lunch! Marcia, Tricia, Jim, Lealan, Jane, Bitty, Katie, Laura, with thanks to Avery on camera!