Soaking up the sun while we have it!

Need Day Bakery/World Café, Eugene, OR

Barb So, Erik, Serge, Marsha, Bev, Lealan, Laura (& a guy taking away one of our props!).  It was such a lovely day sketching together.

       The sun made photography challenging, so you’ll have to come back to see how sketches by Barb So and Erik turned out – more to come!

          Serge took a different sketch direction; not architecture, but a carved stump & foliage – nice! Also shown are watercolor sketches – he has an outline format, then tries different watercolor techniques.

      Marsha sketched others on the patio around her, then started adding context color with the dramatic acanthus leaves & blossoms.

      Sketches by Bev – she’s so quick (using Pitt pen and pencil), and sees so many interesting things. It’s a pleasure to see her sketches.

      Lealan did a sketch of people on the patio, too, here using charcoal. Then she was back with her favorite Tombo marker pens.

      Laura experimented by doing her initial outline sketch in PINK ink. Then she used colored pencils to bring it to life, even going dark!

      Marsha caught Jane in action. Here Jane used an Elegant Writer felt tip calligraphy pen (water soluble), then hit it with light watercolor.