Market Sketching with a Variety of Tools

Tuesday Farmers Market, Eugene, OR

  The line-up: Hugh, Sandy, Jim, Jane & Bill; Marsha, Bev & Laura.

     Hugh was doing across the gutter 2 page sketching, using the water soluble wax crayons in his handy set up box – he got a lot done!

     Sandy did a 2 page spread, too, but used a water brush with her travel watercolor palette. She got such a rich vibrant scene.

      Jim started with light pencil before inking. Then he used some random neon markers he had on hand, perfect for tie-dye t-shirts!

      Jane was determined to conquer the tent line, using a two-color toned paper spread and gel pens. Different tools needed, she said!

      Bill had lots going on – a quick people sketch, a fern leaf impression, and a scene from a Western movie with people at the bar. Wow.

      Marsha decided that black ink was just too harsh, so she was sketching with a Copic pen with wine colored ink – nice effect!

      Laura agreed with Marsha, and used PINK ink to sketch, then added colored pencil to her scene and the pink ink quietly disappeared.

        Bev moved over with Daisy – here are Bev’s sketches, done with Pitt marker pens, which are not water soluble making sharp definitions.

        Daisy started with a pen contour drawing, then went to watercolor. Barb So joined the gals, doing a combo ink and watercolor sketch.

       Bitty was around the corner doing wet on wet on cold press paper. Then she changed to hot press paper for a very different effect!

      Here’s Tricia tucked away in another corner – look at the size of that brush, doing very loose watercolor, with added narrative text.