Overcast morning doesn’t stop us from sketching!

Thistledown Farm, Junction City, OR

   Daisy, Jim, Marsha, Peggy; Daisy, Hugh, Jim, Bev, Kate, Sandy, Erik, Sharon. But wait, there are more of us scattered about!

          Daisy started right in on the flower cart, then segued into a portrait of Sharon surrounded by the flowers. Nicely done!

      Sharon was looking the other way, but the barn was cut off by an intervening building, so she walked through to get the whole deal.

      The cutoff barn didn’t bother Jim, who proved Ken’s “power of the fragment,” and then created a whimsical font for the farm name.

      Marsha shared her finished sketch of their barn from our  last visit, then took on the challenge of the flower cart (color yet to come).

        Sandy launched right into sketching with ink (Ken would be so proud). The cart & flowers are sketched in, now come the wheels.

        Hugh has gotten into a rhythm of doing a colored sketch on toned paper (black here), then a quick black & white ink study. Way to go.

      Jane got as far as a pencil sketch of the cart, but due to running around taking photos, she had to finish her sketch back home!

         Bev started out in the patio area, then visited the animals, ending back at her original sketch taking water to make color more vivid.

      Peggy, a plein air painter, is accustomed to taking her time and being very precise, so each of her small sketches are exquisite.

      Meanwhile, Erik was busy exploring the garden offerings, saying he was having a lazy day. He enjoyed pointing things out to Satoko.

      One of the fascinated workers stopped to chat bit with Tricia, who was doing another loose watercolor of the landscape of the farm.

      Satoko joined Tricia – look at the size of that brush! And look at the careful areas left of white for the buildings to emerge. Super work.

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