Cool Sketching on a Hot Day

Saginaw Vineyards, Saginaw, Oregon

We wanted to see the Plein Air Painters show here, and enjoyed everything about the place, too!

     Sandy & Hugh enjoyed using their sketching tripods, while Laura and Marsha appreciated the awning shade available on the lawn.

         Jane’s attention was demanded by the resident cat, while Daisy got intrigued by the grape vines, and what was Lona looking at…

      Sharon was early sketching in the field, then came back to sketch the cat, who, while charming, wasn’t a very cooperative model.

      Sandy started sketching Sharon in the field with the barn beyond, then got diverted by the scene of Daisy in the vines. Nice color!

        Hugh quickly did a contour sketch to the scene (with Sharon in it!), then added color from his water soluble wax crayons for liveliness.

      Laura was delighted with the old stove in the bushes, then moved on to the front of the barn with its charming entry.

         After a preliminary pencil layout, Marsh uses her wine colored ink Copic pen to outline, then Prisma colored pencils – great effect!

         Here’s what Lona was looking at! She did a list pencil outline, then ink, and finally layers of paint – this isn’t done, it will be intense!

          Daisy started with plums, then apples, then vines, and finished off the page with the Saginaw Vineyard logo – wonderful page.

        With the cat off her lap, Jane was able to do some quick little sketches in (& out) of the frames format. It was great fun.

    And then we had lunch there – fabulous soups, a great plate of cheese & crackers, olives &  pickled herring. Let’s come back!

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