It’s all how you choose to view it

Tradewinds Cafe @ Jiffy, Eugene, OR

     Nice to be in a sheltered heated place “outside!”

Bev, Marsha, Peggy, & artifacts of Jane at the first table.

      Bev started it with a tree outside.

          Marsha added another musician, then drew the tree, too.

       For Peggy, it was all about the tree.

      Jane sketched a little bit of everything.

Bill, Jim, & Katie were at the next table.

      Bill gets a lot of mileage out of his watercolor pencils – nice style.

     Jim sketched what was in front of him, then OMG the crab!

      Katie’s dog was fairly unobtrusive – great model for her, though!

Erik, Hugh, Laura, & Helga do some chatting before sketching.

   Erik is such a master at using wax crayons, even though they’re hard.

   Rather than direct application, Hugh uses a water brush with them.

       Laura loves the new Urban Sketchers book, loves people & the dog.

    Helga brought her view with her – wish we were there, myself.

    Lynda liked a cluster of mushrooms, and had great fun with them.

      Serge is into adding watercolor to architecture – great effect!

       Barb Sh & Lealan munching, then here’s her sketch of Laura!

    Barb Sh finished her Italy trip cover page; the adventure goes on.

      Jude & Daisy prove that you don’t have to know what it is to sketch.

   And look who stopped by! We always appreciate tips from Ken.

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