Keeping the Sketch Energy Going!

Tradewinds Cafe, Eugene, OR

Despite the heater going, it was still chilly outside the cafe – Danita, Peggy, Bill, Jim, Hugh, Bitty, Barb Sh, Katie, Lynda, Serge.

     Danita got right after the view out the window – nice!

    Helga and Daisy snuck in, too – Daisy’s doing the trees outside.

       Here’s how Peggy builds her tree, & puts it in context.

   Lealan loves those Tombow markers – have to see next time for the finished work.

   Jane went temporarily auto-crazy, then on to building design.

      Marsha was busy doing portraits of nearby models. Sweet.

      Bill brought a photo as a sketch inspiration – note the guitarist, too.

      Jim is still mining travel mags for sketching ideas – great colors.

      Bitty found a place in the front window to watercolor sketch trees.

     Barb So did a sketch of a photo Jane posted; here she’s with Barb Sh.

   Barb Sh is finishing up her sketchbook from her trip to Italy – nice!

         Katie’s doing sketching from Italy memories & photos, too.

      Lynda took on the challenge of irregular steps up a hill – 2 versions!

      Serge was doing his signature precision watercolor sketch – lovely!

   Here are Lynda & Serge at work, and here’s Sandy’s work of them &

       Hugh! At the next table, working on cross-hatching.

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