Catching Up and Moving On

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

First, the catching up….

oilp-Erik-2       1-ErikRemember Erik’s from the last session? Here’s where the trial went!

oilp-Ken-3      1-KenKen had a perfectly good sketch, but gave in to water brush effects.

Jan-model      1-Jane's treeJane couldn’t resist playing with Jan’s tree model from last week.

2-Erik       1-TriciaHere’s what Erik & Tricia did since last meeting.

1- groupKen shared photos of charming sculptures done by his high school art teacher, Larry Goldade. Watch for a show at Watershed soon!

BarbSh-1       BarbSh-2Barb Shirk showed us her long hair dachshund sketch, and then the secret of her watercolor pencils – licking her water brush!

Ken-2     Erik-Amy-Ken-2Ken’s concentration on steadying his watercolor brush quickly got trumped by being able to share breakfast with Erik & Amy Gibson.

Jan-1     Jan-2Jan found her sketch models across from us – look what she chose to include and what to exclude, then check out Barb Sommers’ below:

BarbSo-1   BarbSo-2

Sandy-1     Sandy-2Sandy started with sketching people, but got distracted by a postcard Ken brought with a Geisha – how enchanting is that!

Tricia-2     Tricia-3Meanwhile, Tricia’s eye was caught by the colorful clothes outside the window, but what to do with all the space on the page? So she selected a portion of the ribbon display, and let some ends loose.