Biscotti Prankster Heaven

At Barbara Sommers’ in Eugene, OR

all-2   all-Ken-Barbs-2Barbara Sommers invited us to her home, and quite a crowd showed up! Sandy, Jan, Barb Sommers, Penelope, Barb Shirk, Jane, Erik; Ken, Barb Sommers & Barb Aten. She supplied home cooked biscotti!

BarbSo-1   Penel-5Barb Sommers showed us her version of the clothing store with ribbons from last week (remember Tricia’s?), and Penelope showed us her journal entries from her gardening & doctor visit last week.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Barb Shirk had finished the lawn ornament she started, and then began to sketch from a photo of a wonderful snail – wonder how this will all work together…keep coming back to see!

Erik-1     Erik-2   Erik had been talking about putting together the perfect combination of spring blooming plants in an imaginary yard:

Jan-3   Jan's View   Jan-6Jan was looking out the dining room window, and slowly the arbor-vitae appeared, and then the cars (which she said became Fiats!).

Jane-1     Jane-2 Jane was enchanted with the images on her coffee cup – done first with pen, then markers, then water soluble ink.

Sandy-1       Sandy-Ken-1
Sandy started sketching Ken’s biscotti, then his sketch of the same.Sandy-Ken-3So then Ken drew a replica of his sketch in the space she’d blocked out for it on her page.

Sandy-Ken-4    Sandy-Ken-5Now, how to draw the hand drawing while holding the pen… Ta dah!

Sandy-Ken-Penel    sk-BarbSo-2       Penelope drew both Ken & Sandy drawing the biscotti.  Barb Sommers drew not only the biscotti, but also the art tools.

white-1   white-2   white-3Meanwhile, folks couldn’t resist trying the various white pens Jane had brought – Penelope tried the Signo Uni-Ball, Barb Shirk the Sharpie oil based, and Jan the Sharpie water based.  Have to wait to see the results of using the Faber-Castell Pitt white pen, & the Bistro Chalk Marker by Marvy Uchida in our unending search for the perfect white for the perfect occasion.