Just another day sketching at Trudy’s…

Along Came Trudy, Springfield, OR

We kind of filled the place up – Bill, Jim, Jude, Barb So., Lynda, Danita, Sandy, Daisy,  Bitty. But that’s not all!

  Danita, Daisy, Hugh, Bitty, Laura, Jude, Barb So., Jim, Bill, Lynda; Sandy, Erik, Marsha. And yet there’s more.

      Sandy was really concentrating on sketching Laura, who kept moving, she said! But she did a great sketch of her anyway.

      Marsha uses many mediums well – pencil, ink, and iPad! With the latter, she created a black page & then started erasing. Terrific!

    Erik used a watercolor wash for the dark sky, and doesn’t that tree just pop off the page! He keeps his tools sharp for tiny branches.

      Danita showed Erik some mesh drywall tape she brought to share. It’s repositionable on paper. Jane drew pencil guide lines with it, Barb Sh painted over it for the floor texture in her sketch.

      Oh look, Danita used it, too – perhaps these guidelines will be used for one of the quotes on the wall in the cafe.

   Barb Sh often sketches with her non-dominant hand, & Bill challenged her to draw with her mouth, so she did! What a fabulous spirited sketch of one of her dogs.  Here are Bill’s people sketches.

      Barb Sh found an old rusty water pump along with other items, sketched them with water soluble ink, took a wet brush to the lines.

   Daisy & Barb So discovered that Bev sneaked in, and they were eager to share sketches with her. Here’s Bev’s sketch.

     Daisy’s really getting good at sketching pastries! Then she did a charming sketch of a shelf display in the cafe.

    Barb So made great progress on her sketch, using a frame around part of it, then adding items from around the room. Interesting.

      Bitty is playing with some of the art tools she got for the toned paper workshop with Pat Southern-Pearce, surprised at color changes.

    Hugh’s getting to be an old hand at using toned paper. Here he used Caran d’Ache wax crayons, water soluble, but without water.

      Jane was using the frame template, laid it on top of the page & Bitty said “Leave it!” She liked the abstract peek-a-boo effect!

      Jim took a hint from Ken O and went back to a previously done sketch to add color. He’s not a clean palette believer, can you tell?

   Jude likes the soft effect she can get with colored pencils, and adapted the frame template for a rectangle page shape.

       Laura cleverly incorporated the leaf design from the cafe plates in her sketch along with shelf artifacts – lovely whimsical touch!

      Lynda did some nice pencils sketches of items, and said “I think I’m ready for ink.” We think so, too. She’s taking a class next week!

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