Always Exchanging Tips

Coffee Plant Roasters, Eugene, OR

all-1We always enjoy picking up tips from one another – a chilly day, so it was good to be inside with good coffee, too! Sandy, Ken, Barb Shirk (with her back to us) Jan, & Barb Sommers (Jane behind camera).

Sandy      Heidi-JanSandy was busy replicating noted paintings from the calendar she got from Barb Shirk (a lot be learned in that activity!), while Heidi and Jan exchanged ideas about architecture & building projects.

BarbSh-snail      BarbSH-juryBarb Shirk had her finished snail to show, as well as her keep busy sketch from her day on jury duty.  Well, waiting to be on jury duty…

BarbSh-slice      BarbSh-faceWhen Jane took the picture of Barb sketching a wildflower in her sketchbook, she realized that she kept getting just slices of Barb’s face in photos, so here she is laughing – more than just a nose!

Heidi-testing-1       Heidi-testing-2Heidi was just testing out a new art tool, she said (the colored pencils by Staedler), turning out a lovely landscape in the process.

view       Ken-pen-1Here’s what we were seeing out the window.  Sandy & Heidi were interested in the watercolor loaded brush pen Ken was using.

Ken-tree-1      Ken-tree-2Here’s the way Ken’s sketch of the tree started to develop.

Jan-tree-1      Jan-tree-2And here’s how Jan’s sketch of the tree developed.

Ken-Jan-trees-1      Ken-Jan-trees-2When Ken & Jan started comparing their approaches to sketching the tree, Ken said he’d been inspired by Jan’s sketch last week. Then Jan looked at her current sketch and was baffled about what to do to complete it.  Add a car, Ken said! So she did, and so did he:

Jan-tree-final          Ken's tree-final

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