Cautiously Sketching

Oakway Mall Courtyard, Eugene, OR

Who are these masked sketchers? Can you guess?      

If we did unmask while we sketched, we were at a careful distance.       If it doesn’t look like the right distance, it’s because the camera was zoomed, or the photo was cropped.  But careful didn’t mean no joy.

      At work: Barb Sh, Daisy (with Marsha in background), & Helga.

      Marsha with a sketch of…Peggy! Sandy with a sketch of Laura!

      Laura; Jane with yellow marker in mouth taking pics; Hugh.

      Sketches by: Peggy, Jane, Hugh, Daisy, ?; Barb Sh.; Sandy’s sketch of Laura, Laura’s sketch, & Marsha’s sketch of Laura!

     Finished sketches by Hugh, Jane (oh, that’s why the yellow marker!)