Scattered Sketching at Pisgah

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR

We were pretty scattered around the place sketching at first.

      Here’s Katie getting set up while Barb Sh heads out for the hinterlands. Katie did such a sweet sketch of the landscaping.

      Marsha appreciated having the picnic table to spread out all her art tools. And didn’t she do a nice job of the dense forest view!

      Jane was looking at the pavilion beyond Marsha, and had fun exploring the effects of the water soluble ink in her new TWSBI pen.

      Peggy (with Sandy & Hugh beyond her) had a great set-up with the little folding travel table she’d made – super tree sketch, too!

      Hmm, Sandy seems to be thinking, then adds another layer of watercolor to her brush only sketch – look at those terrific trees!

      Hugh had a bit of an elevated point of view – that splash of roof color made a difference, as well as his wife’s colorful garb. Nice sketch.

      Laura made the most of the trees – both sitting in the shade of one, and capturing the grace of a limb & nearby nature. Sweet!

      Daisy had a terrific time sketching, first the tree branch, then… the hats we were all wearing! What a fun sketch for remembering us.

      Helga found a viewpoint in front of the old barn. She’s getting quite proficient at perspective, and this is a nice application of it.

      Then Tricia emerged from sketching on the river – what lovely sketches! She liked Barb Sh’s rubbings of the ceramic trail plaques.

      In addition to the rubbings, Barb Sh did a quick sketch of Helga with the trees in the background, then a barn sketch with her left hand!

Here we are gathered for the show & tell – Peggy, Daisy, Helga, Laura, Marsha, Katie, Tricia, Sandy & Hugh. (Barb Sh still sketching!)


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