What’re you gonna draw? I dunno. What’re you…

Jane Harrison’s, Eugene, OR

3Sitting on the back deck in Jane’s yard, slightly stunned by the lovely spring morning.

1   2   4Erik & Barb Shirk looking, looking; Sandy & Barb Aten focusing;
Tricia getting right into it, of course!

Erik-1   Erik-2And Erik is off!  Off on a memory of him & his Dad eating ice cream back in 1987.  What a great memory!

BarbS-1    BarbS-2Barb Shirk finished her sketch of the shooting star wild flowers, and added a stylized version from a book Heidi brought last week.  Then she started sketching a pine cone from Jane’s yard.

fountain-1    fountain-2    fountain-3Sandy and Barb Aten focused on the frog in the fountain, from slightly different angles but you could almost hear him croaking!

Jane-1    Jane-2 Jane was intrigued with a montage format used by Ros Jenke (one of the Artist’s Journal Workshop artists on Facebook), so she printed out Ros’ sketch, and started playing around with the same style.Jane-3    Jane-4It was fun to see how the approach presented her back yard!

Tricia-1    Tricia-2    Tricia-3Tricia had her own vignette montage twist with images in the yard.


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