We discover a great park for sketching!

Norma Pfeiffer Park, Coburg, OR

We’d planned to meet at the Pavilion, but adjacent to it was this great park with tables! Above: Daisy, Helga, Marsha, (Tutti), & Laura.

      First the check in & catch up – Marsha with Helga, then Laura.  Daisy tried the great new gold pigment by Fine Tec that Laura brought.

      What caught Marsha’s eye? A charming house across the street behind a huge tree. And she’s back to colored pencils – so delightful.

       Helga looked the other way across the street, intrigued by a trellis covered with sweet peas. Quite a perspective challenge.

      Laura’s become a daily sketcher (great way to build skill). The play equipment here was overwhelming – she got those swings swinging!

      Daisy has one sketchbook just for watercolor ( getting loose!). She took on the challenging play equipment, too. Nothing regular here!

      Jane did a bit of everything, using the Tombow fudenosuke brush pen, and TWSBI fountain pens with water soluble ink – Color Verse “Coffee Break,” and Robert Oster “Lake of Fire.”



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