Back at the Park in Coburg, Sketching of course

Norma Pfeiffer Park, Coburg, OR

Another beautiful day for sketching in the park – Peggy (behind the tree leaves), Sandy, Hugh, Marsha, Daisy (Jane behind camera).

      Here’s Peggy! She really got into the detail of the neighborhood scene, and what a difference ink makes!

      Jane discovered that her two water soluble inks (brown & turquoise) when blended with a water brush make green! What fun.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what Marsha and Daisy are doing, when the conversation revolves around quilting…

      Daisy’s found a great combination – sketching on what will become quilt blocks! And she still makes time for some loose watercolor.

   Marsha is back to colored pencil (which she uses so well), and says “It’s not done yet!” Colored pencil does take time – check back.

      Hugh focused on his iPad today, using both his right and left hands – can you tell? A shaggy dog (Jane’s Tutti) made a perfect model.

      Whatcha doin’, Sandy? Sketching Tutti, but he won’t stay still! So she ended up with a whole collection of “gestural” sketches of him.

      Sandy shows her sketches to the model, who seems vaguely interested. OK, now, let’s pose for the camera!

And it’s time for show & tell – Peggy, Hugh, Daisy, Marsha, Sandy. (Tutti on the ground, Jane behind the camera.) What a nice day.

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