Arting About

Lest you think we only do art when we’re together…this will be an added from the top contribution of art made by members who actually do art away from our weekly sketch meetings!

  This just in from Joby who’s biking & sketching in Romania:

joby-1      joby-2


  Sandy’s latest busts, first fired, then painted (Jan. 2016):Sandy's fired bust     painted bust

  Here are a couple of Sandy Larkin‘s recent sculptures:Yoga Dog         wire


☛    These are just in from Barbara Aten, who went on a watercolor sketching trip to Sicily with Winnie Givot in September 2015:Villa SalinaraVilla Salinara, where the group stayed for two weeks.

Salt PansThe salt pans in nearby Marsala, Sicily, about to be declared a UNESCO heritage site.


☛    Jan Brown has been busy doing ceramics – here’s a charming one she did recently:Jan's zebras8″ wide X 7″ tall X 3″ deep


☛    Jane Harrison just took an oil painting class in October 2015 from Sarah Sedgwick, and here are her class projects:teapot & lemons    greenApples-purpleplateThe teapot pic is 12″ x 9″, the rest are 11″ x 14″

apples-limited paletteThis was done with a limited palette: Hansa Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, and White. Quite a challenge, she says!


☛     Joby Patterson‘s sketches from a recent trip to India:Joby-Lakshima,cook




☛     Sandy Larkin has been doing sculptures at her class at LCC:  Sandy -1

Sandy-2       Sandy-3


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